The Future is here...

Here you will get a brief information about the year 2012 and the related past.
Are the things that people tell about 2012 are real and true?
Are we going to face it?
Stay on and read...

Do take a look at the shocking Evidences

The mysteries of histories...

Many things on our earth are unexplained and mysterious, say, for example, Stonehenge or Easter Island. These are unexplained to the common man. No one is damn sure on how were they formed or who created them.

Do you really want to know?

Do you want to unlock those mysteries?

But that’s not what exactly I want to explain.

Today, for understanding the future, it is important for us to know the history of our planet. I am sure that many of you have heard about “Y2K “ (Year 2000,  1st of January, 00:00:01 AM), when the whole world was going to stop or it was a computer error or a crash.

            Did it happen? No, it didn’t!!

So, from then onwards I stopped believing in any such stories until I read about “this”. The word “this” is the date I mean, the date when our mother earth will have to face a big hit.

            The year 2012 December 21st


Surprising! This might be surprising for a common man but not to NASA and the US government. Why is it not surprising for them? Because they knew this since1983.

Warning: This site contains information and things related to our Mother Earth, The Solar System and the events in the Future.
Note: This site is especially built for those who have interests in the future and for those who want the mysteries in histories and the future revealed.