All the proofs, the history, The Bible, many scientists, many other religions, so many ancient signs and drawings about it…..
     And they all…
        Pointing at one date…

      The year 2012 December 21st


Why are the scientists and NASA and all those are so sure that this will happen in 2012?
If this is so true and important, why don’t they reveal it to the public?
Or is it that they don’t want to frighten the people?
Are they afraid that they cannot evacuate everyone on the earth?
And is this the reason why they are hiding it away from us?
Are they having a plan or something?
Is this why they are in a hurry to find other planet with life?

 Why there are so many evidences related to 2012?

This would have sound false if there were no evidences, but this was known thousands of years ago and unfortunately it is not a false!

Will we survive in 2012?”, this is the question of every human being on our planet.


  Now, here's it. This is what I was going to tell you, what NASA kept secret from 1983…

In 1982, NASA recognized the possibility of an extra solar planet.

In 1983, NASA launched the IRAS (Infra Red Astronomical Satellite). It located a very large object which was not from our solar system. It was as large as Jupiter. The object was named Planet-X (Nibiru).

The Nibiru’s system is something like this:

1st is the Dark Star (Brown Dwarf);

this Dark Star has five minor planets;

The 6th one sizes as Earth;

And the 7th one is what they call Nibiru.

[Ancients believe that the 6th planet is much like Earth and is the Home for Annunaki, “Giants or Gods of Old”.]
So, the year 2012 is when the planet Nibiru will cut through our solar system and pass from between Sun and Earth. This picture shows how actually it looks like.



This happens every 3600 years and possibly this caused the Atlantis Sinking and Noha’s floods and such thing will again happen after 3600 years.

            The year 2012 is the 3600th year from the last time it happened. We cant find other way to escape this. We will stay here and we have to face it.